I’m Still Here

Why, hello there! Remember me?

…oh, well I can’t say that I blame you. I seem to be really bad at maintaining an online presence. I find it far too easy to get stuck in a cycle of developing and scrapping projects in isolation, while showing very little to anyone but my closest friends. This is not a good way to tackle any creative endeavor.

I need to put things out to the public more, so that I can gather feedback and encouragement and criticism and all the other ingredients that go into making great products. More importantly, I need to set milestones to mark progress on what can sometimes seem like an endless grind. To this end, I want to start posting here and on Twitter and Patreon and YouTube and everywhere else a lot more frequently.

What am I Building?

As members of my Discord or Twitch channel probably already know, I’m working on a game called “Wilderlands”, which is something I started way back in like 2012 with my “Island Survival Dev Diary” YouTube series. It has since been re-imagined multiple times and is currently planned to be a single-player version of what will eventually become a persistent online sandbox game, referred to internally as the “2D Heroes MMO”.

One Game a Month

Because I got started with game development in the Flash games scene, I’m a lot more comfortable with making smaller games with quick turnover. This has been something I’ve struggled with a lot since moving to the premium, Steam-centric model. In fact, you’ll notice that my only two Steam games (at the time of this post) are just enhanced versions of some of my Flash games. I constantly get excited about new ideas and find it hard to focus on a single, long-term project.

For this reason I’ve decided to break Wilderlands up into a series of one-month projects, each focused on a small part of the game. This should allow me to better control potential scope creep in each section, and help prevent getting overwhelmed by the monolithic whole. Once I have all of the main components as stand-alone projects, I’ll spend one more month combining them into Wilderlands.

What’s Next?

There are many parts to Wilderlands. Most of them rely on a voxel world of some sort, so that’s where I’ll be starting. Over the next month I’ll be rebuilding the core voxel engine systems, incorporating various features and optimizations from the many iterations we’ve had since the first “2D Heroes MMO” streams of 2014. A lot of the work is already built, albeit spread across countless Unity projects on my hard drive, so I’ll be merging and cleaning those up for the better part of this first month.

By the end of the month I plan to have a decent voxel creation tool that myself and others can use to create interesting virtual block builds. I’ll be posting the first update for that tomorrow, so stay tuned!