Roguelike Platformer – Dev Log #01

By July 11, 2018 Dev Logs No Comments

A New Project? Already?

I know what it looks like, but don’t worry – the Voxel Editor is still in development. I don’t really play many games or watch television or anything like that – game development and research is all I really do. But spending 14 hours a day on the same thing day in and day out can start to wear on even the most masochistic of developers. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m going to give my subscribers some time to play-test the latest builds to find bugs and suggest features for the editor. I kinda ran out of stuff I had immediate plans for – all the rest are random features that don’t really fit inside the project’s scope, so I want to see what kind of feedback I get before adding weird things like VR support and multiplayer editing.

Reviving An Old Project

Instead of playing games or binge-watching Netflix to take a break, I might as well get a head start on another game. Some of you may have seen two short videos on my YouTube channel from a few years ago. I was building a Roguelike Platformer with the engine we built for Recursion Deluxe. I had planned on doing weekly dev log videos for it, but the project only lasted a few short weeks before something else came up. I really hate leaving loose ends out there, but instead of deleting the videos I’m going to revise the game into a nice test case for the Voxel Engine.

Dev Log #01

I’m not going to mark this project by day, as I’ll probably just be spending a few hours on it here and there in my downtime. That said, I did get enough of the basics implemented to justify writing this first dev log, so let’s take a look!

Prototype Art

I’ve decided to move away from the flat pixel style seen in those early videos. I’ve been thinking a lot about 2D sprites in 3D worlds lately, and I really like what I did with the icons for the editor, so I want to do something similar for this game. I plan on using the Voxel Engine to simulate and render the 3D tile world, and have all the entities be cutout-textured quads. With this in mind, I made a few quick prototype graphics to see how things would fit together. I’m pretty happy with the look, even for being temporary art.

As far as mechanics go, I threw together the basics with simple platformer controls based on the default Unity Character Controller. I added a basic collectible which is just a trigger collider that destroys itself when touched, and I added a little slime cube enemy that hops towards the hero whenever she is near. Not much to look at yet, but it’s a solid start, and definitely more productive than playing World of Warcraft. That’s it for this Dev Log, thanks for reading!

Basic Platforming Mechanics