Voxel Engine / Editor – Day 10

Voxel Engine / Editor – Day 10

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New Kinds on the Block

That’s a terrible pun, I know. Today was another day that I mostly honed in on just a single, large feature. Let’s take a look!

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Day 10’s Progress

What Did I Do Today?

Shape Blocks

Today’s update is fairly significant in terms of how much potential it adds to your voxel builds. I’ve added support for alternate voxel shapes, and introduced 20 of them with this update. As with most things, additional shapes are probably something we’ll add over time, so if you can think of any you want, definitely leave a comment to let me know. At this point we can support up to 60 different shapes, but I can potentially expand this limit as needed.

New Voxel Shapes

Working With Shapes

In order to get all the new block options into the UI, I’ve added a kind of drawer functionality. Clicking the block button will slide out the drawer, allowing you to select from the available shapes. Clicking it again will close it.

You can also rotate the shape in 90 degree increments on the X, Y, or Z axis by pressing the respective key on the keyboard – X rotates 90 degrees on the X axis, Y on the Y axis, and Z on the Z axis. These hotkeys are likely temporary – I just added them because I couldn’t think of a decent enough UI widget to handle this just yet.

Rotating Shape Blocks

Minor Changes

I made one small change to the keyboard hotkeys in this build. I’ve moved the Hide UI keybind from Z to C, since Z is now temporarily used for rotating shape blocks on the Z axis.


As you may have noticed, I’ve been pushing a lot of sizable features into the build each day. It’s starting to get to the point that our testers are getting overwhelmed and are not able to put any meaningful amount of time into testing specific features. I was planning to do a lot of bug-fixing, refactoring, and optimization back on Day 5, but we kinda skipped past that. I think it’s about time we slow down on adding new features for now and start cleaning up what we do have.

For that reason I think I’m going to begin work on the next project for a few days, while waiting for bug reports and mulling over how to improve the current systems. This new project will likely be built on top of this engine as a way to test its versatility and usability, and there’s no doubt that I’ll come up with some features to add to the core as we move forward. My next two posts will probably be Day 1 and Day 2 of whatever that game is, with Day 11 of the editor coming on Friday, July 13th. I think I also promised a live stream on that Friday as well. I’ll keep you posted!