You Spin Me Right Round, Baby

As I mentioned in my last dev log, today was mostly spent incorporating additional functionality intto the new Selection Tool. I also had time to add a bit more functionality to some of the other tools, and even added a brand new tool to the arsenal! Let’s have a look, shall we?

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Day 12’s Progress

What Did I Do Today?

Selection Tool Enhancements

What good is being able to copy and paste if you can’t rotate as well? Well now you can! Once you have some voxels in your clipboard, you can press X, Y or Z to rotate along that axis. You can even press M to mirror on the X axis! If you need to mirror on any other axis, just rotate, then flip! There are still a few bugs with shape blocks not rotating properly on the X or Z axis, but I seem to have gotten them working on the Y axis, which is the most common rotation at least.

Another thing I added was arrow key support to nudge the Selection Tool around by a single voxel. Its orientation is based on the direction you’re facing, so nudging it left will always nudge it to your left. It won’t work if you’re facing up or down yet, but I can add that in later if anyone wants it.

Clipboard Rotation

New Tool Modifiers

Today also saw the addition of some extra functionality for the pencil and paint tools. With the pencil tool selected, you can hold shift and left-click to extrude a face of adjacent matching voxels outward. If you right click instead, you’ll remove those voxels. If you do the same thing, but with the paint tool, it will paint those voxels with whatever color you have selected. This has been something people have been requesting for a few days now.

Extrude And Paint

Measurement Tool

Let’s face it, no one likes counting blocks, and most of us have a tentative relationship with mathematics, at best. Sometimes you just want to know how far a way something is without all the equations and pie charts. Well, worry not! Today I’ve added a simple measurement tool that will do all the spooky maths for you!

All you have to do is select the tool and click on any block in the world. A marker will be spawned at that location, and if you have 2 or more markers, the linear distances and block counts will be shown between them. It even works with diagonals! The markers will persist, even while you’re using other tools, and you can clear them by pressing End or Delete on your keyboard. Convenient!

New Measurement Tool

Getting There

We’re almost feature-complete in terms of a public “Early Access”-style launch. Most of the tools and systems that I wanted to add are in, with only a few stragglers needing to be implemented over the next few days. I think Day 14 will be the cut-off for any new features, and then we’ll spend another 2 weeks cleaning up what we have and making the tools as user-friendly as possible. Tomorrow I’m going to start working on support for user-defined colors, textures, variables and more. If there’s a tool you really want to see added before we close the feature list for a bit, now would be the time to request it. I’ll see you guys in the next one!