We Made It!

Day 4 is in the bag! I managed to get a lot of things working that didn’t make it into yesterday’s build. And it’s actually still daylight out as I’m writing up this dev log. Today went pretty well, let’s have a look!

If you’ve pledged to the Subscriber tier or higher on my Patreon, you can download this build right now!

What did I do Today?

UI Improvements

As previously mentioned, I had a bunch of UI improvements that I wanted to get out sooner than later. Well, today most of them actually found their way into the build. I’ll still likely move things around quite a bit as time goes on, but I’m pretty happy with the clean look we have for now.

User Interface Improvements

Tool Changes

Following the addition of tool icons, I split the default editor functionality into a few parts. You can switch your active tool by clicking the icon or pressing the 1-3 keys on your keyboard. The pencil tool has a new feature which allows you to click and drag a box to fill or delete a large area of voxels at once. I also added a paint tool which can be used to quickly recolor voxels.

New Pencil Tool

Shape Brush Previews

One of the larger additions today was the shape brush preview system. A bluish ghostly preview will now show where voxels are to be placed when using the shape brush. This will also be useful when we have copy/paste tools and the ability to stamp prefab voxel arrangements around the scene. This tool is feature is still pretty slow and a little glitchy, but I hope to have that fixed before too long.

Shape Brush Previews

Minor Changes

I added a few new block textures today and tweaked the image effects for awhile. I also started moving a lot of the editor-specific code to the VoxelEditor class – previously some of it lived in the PlayerInput class.

Finally, I grabbed some of the terrain generation code from an old Wilderlands build and threw it into the New Scene generation options. There should now be two options for terrain, one with trees and one without. Eventually I’ll give each option some sliders you can use to further customize the generation.

Happy 4th of July!

That’ll do it for today. I hope everyone is having a safe and enjoyable 4th! Today’s build is likely riddled with bugs, as a result of continuously forcing out builds each day, so I’ve decided to spend every 5th day on refactoring and bugfixing. This means tomorrow’s build will likely only consist of some optimizations and maybe a few minor features, but it’s a necessary evil to ensure we can maintain this daily pace. Thanks, as always, for reading, and I’ll see you guys in tomorrow’s post!