Moving Day!

Michael “Music Mike” Ripka (Maripka) came by at like 8:30am to help with the move, and we spent the better part of the day on everything that entails, so I didn’t end up having any time to update the game at all since my last post. For those of you who don’t know, Maripka is the guy who does all the kick-ass music for our games. It was great to get to catch up with him and discuss plans for future games. Definitely go check out his SoundCloud, he does great work!

I also finally got to meet Cole Dean Shepherd, a long-time online friend and fellow game developer. It turns out he lives pretty close to where we moved, so we’ll probably be hanging out and going to local developer meetups fairly frequently. He’s been working on some really cool open-source stuff on his GitHub page, so definitely go peruse his code!

Everything else is still in boxes, but I did manage to get my office set up so that I can begin work on Day 9’s update right away. I actually ended up passing out half-way through setting it up last night, so this dev log is coming in a little late. I figured I’d post a dev log for Day 8 anyway, even though I didn’t get any actual development done, because I know how detrimental a missed day can be in maintaining momentum. Hope you guys enjoyed this little recap, I’ll see you in tomorrow’s Dev Log!

New Office Space