Not a whole lot of interesting stuff to show off today, as most of it was spent improving existing systems. Even still, the editor is moving forward and is getting more and more usable by the day, so I can’t really complain. We’re only 9 days in and it’s already pretty functional. Let’s take a look at what changed today!

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Day 9’s Progress

What Did I Do Today?

Live Stream

I wanted to test out the internet in the new office, so I went ahead and did a live stream while I worked on this build. If you missed the stream, you can watch the VOD here. The stream itself went pretty well – I think I only dropped around 2% of my frames over the course of around 2.5 hours. Things got a little dicey around the end so I ended to go get some food. I think if I adjust my bit-rate a little more, I’ll be able to stream with fewer dropped frames. I’ll continue to mess with the settings until I find something that works consistently.

Progress Bars

As I mentioned in Day 7’s Dev Log, the save/load system was a little slow and would cause the app to hang for the duration, especially with larger map files. To remedy this, I added a progress bar system for worker threads, and hooked the save system up to it. Now when you save or load a scene, you can easily track its progress.

New Progress Bars

Minor Changes

I changed and tweaked a number of smaller things in this build. A lot of them aren’t very readily apparent, as there’s some stuff I’ve been working on under-the-hood that aren’t yet visible in the build. The voxel global illumination, for example, is not yet working but I spent a significant amount of time working on it today.

One thing that is visible is that I added a glowing sphere in the sky to represent where the sun is, as requested by Burning. I also made some changes to how the lighting system works, which should yield more consistent and performant results. I then adjusted the terrain shader a bit so that lights would blend a little better with the block colors reflecting it.

Finally, I added a few changes to speed up systems where setting large blocks of data occurs, as with loading a scene or generating one of the templates. Previously, I was looping over the grid and setting voxels individually, but now I’ve changed it to where I’m creating and modifying a big block of temporary data locally, and then sending that to the voxel system all at once. This ended up improving the load speeds by a significant margin.

Still Catching Up

I’m about a day late on the builds and dev logs due to the move. I was actually so exhausted last night that I ended up sleeping 16 or so hours. However, progress is still being made and I hope to get back on track within the next few days. I’ve got some big changes planned, so stick around for those! I’ll see you guys tomorrow!